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Perils of an I/O Grad Student Life

1) Lack of Work-Life Balance

One topic that Industrial/Organizational Psychologists study is work-life balance. However, I don’t study this topic, and I feel that I have no balance. It’s a lot of work, some social life, and almost no personal life.

2) Detriments to Occupational Health

I will probably get carpal tunnel or some form of permanent damage to the forearm muscle on my right arm and the area between the thumb and forefinger soon. Oh, and permanent lower back and trapezius pain.

3) Delays of Payment

As of May and June 2010, I’ve completed 2 paid Consulting Projects (subcontracts). I have received $0 from these endeavors. I’m completing one more at the end of July. We’ll see where I get money from first!



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Make some money!

One of the main good things about an ex of mine is that he introduced me to the world of “money.” He’s always looking into savings and investing opportunities. Heck, without him, I would never have read The Wealthy Barber and Rich Dad, Poor Dad or cared.

As I’m slowly finding ways to make money work for me, I always see or come up with money making opportunities, even if not for myself. One of my friends loves to and is good at scrapbooking. I suggested she do it as a side job. My roommate bakes all the time. I suggested she tell her friends that she can also bake for hire (large batch for parties, etc.) My roommate also came across this sweet used car deal through a friend, Toyota Camry 1995 for about $2,000…the market price is around $6,000! I told her to buy it, even if she wasn’t going to drive it (she thinks it’s too big), she can still resell it right away and make at least $1,000-$2,000! I even told her if she doesn’t buy it, I’ll buy it!

But obviously, these people have turned a deaf ear at my suggestions. I don’t think their priority in life is to make money, but just to live day by day, paycheque by paycheque. They also don’t see the power of compound interest.


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