The Best of “What I Know about Getting a Job” eBook

Thanks to Penelope Trunk and Rich DeMatteo, there is a free eBook with job searching advice from human resource experts. You can get the free eBook here.

It’s a very quick read, but below are the highlights for me.

“Know your destination and pursue it with complete abandon.” ~Mark Stelzner (Inflexion Advisors and JobAngels)

“If your mom, spouse, best friend and dog can’t explain what you can do in 20 seconds, go back to the drawing board and figure out how to better communicate your employment value.” ~Lance Haun (

“Position your resume where all recruiters have free access to it…Create a Resume Profile page in lieu of a cover letter. A Resume Profile page is a keyword list a Recruiter can scan to understanding what you can offer…Position yourself to be “found,” and you will no longer be looking.” ~Jim Stroud (

“If you aren’t found in a Google search, you should be! Employers and recruiters Google candidates all the time.” ~Ben Eubanks

“There is a job with your name on it. Interested? Take control and don’t leave anything to chance. Engage your network and make it your job to get your name in front of the right people – not just one time, for one job – but all the time. You’ve got a story to tell and you are the only one who can make sure people hear it the way it needs to be heard.

You’ve tried? Let me guess. You like working with people and you work well as part of a team. Your weakness is perfectionism. You are organized, a hard worker, and a quick learner. You want the job more than anyone else. Sound familiar? It does to a hiring manager too. Hiring managers are seeking people who can get the job done and it’s not long before candidates look, and sound, very much the same.

Be different and be distinct. Leave the gimmicks behind. It all comes down to you.” ~Lisa Rosendahl

“Can I learn more about what you do over coffee…my treat?” ~Chris Ferdinand (EMC Coporation)

“Critical: figure out who you are, what makes you happy, and where you fit in. Corporate culture is real, and really important. Size counts: Do you want to work for a Fortune 500? A mid-size company? A startup? How do you define success? Answer these questions now, and you’ll be ahead of 70% of the population. Put in the hours and be honest with yourself. Once you’re on the treadmill, it can be very difficult to get off. What matters most to you? Work/life balance? Career advancement? Pick one.”~ Peter Clayton (Total-Picture Radio)

“If your career provides the income and flexibility to pursue your real passions, then you’re in brilliant shape.” ~Rich DeMatteo (HR Specialist)


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