Why I love traveling

I love traveling…because I get to see new things, meet new people, and experience new adventures. However, the main thing I gain from traveling is the journey within.

Whenever I meet new people, it gives me the opportunity to broaden my horizon of different ways of thinking and different life experiences. This makes me question my own assumptions and understanding of how things work. It also makes me reflect on my way of thinking and how most of the time it is flawed. It makes me want to push myself harder to become my ideal self and let go of all the fear that has been haunting me.

I sometimes wonder why some people don’t care so much about traveling and are happy to just stay home and hang out with good old friends. It just occurred to me that perhaps they are satisfied with what they have and are content to be in that environment and routine.

But I’m not content. I’m not content with what I have and my environment and routine and myself. That’s probably why I feel the need to venture out to hopefully find that satisfaction. I have a strange feeling that this need to look without will bite me in the butt and one of those hackneyed advice of “looking within” to find happiness will again prove to be the way.

Until then, I’m journeying on 🙂

“There is only one journey… Going inside yourself.” Rainer Maria Rilke

A Man on a Journey


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