Perils of an I/O Grad Student Life

1) Lack of Work-Life Balance

One topic that Industrial/Organizational Psychologists study is work-life balance. However, I don’t study this topic, and I feel that I have no balance. It’s a lot of work, some social life, and almost no personal life.

2) Detriments to Occupational Health

I will probably get carpal tunnel or some form of permanent damage to the forearm muscle on my right arm and the area between the thumb and forefinger soon. Oh, and permanent lower back and trapezius pain.

3) Delays of Payment

As of May and June 2010, I’ve completed 2 paid Consulting Projects (subcontracts). I have received $0 from these endeavors. I’m completing one more at the end of July. We’ll see where I get money from first!



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3 responses to “Perils of an I/O Grad Student Life

  1. Lauren

    We study the Occupational Health part of I/O here and they don’t even give us suggestions or recommendations on Work-Life Balance. The school does give us free gym passes though.

    My concept of work-life balance now is working on work while watching a movie with friend (which is the complete opposite of the definition)

    I also have a supervisor who lectures about toxic workplaces and leaders, when she is in fact a toxic leader. She even said at one point “Some toxic leaders don’t even realize they’re the source”. I had to bite my tongue.

    She has also lectured about CPA ethics, you know, showing respect to individuals, representing their work fairly, etc. etc.

    Basically all I am learning in grad school is how to live with being a hypocrite.

  2. I totally agree; almost all of the profs in my program (Speech Language Pathology at Western) were all about teaching compassion and being attentive to “silent problems” (when someone has one problem, but you should focus on a holistic approach and dig deeper to help in any way you can). These professors were the same people who would be snarky and underhanded in their dealings with students and fellow profs, all the while patting themselves on the back for their intuitiveness and compassion. Talk about passive aggressive and self-involved. I was disgusted with the whole department.

  3. zalimajumah

    I agree ..

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