Getting far in life

I was helping my landlord put up a border in one of their rental rooms today, and one of the other rooms was empty so we walked in to check it out. The tenant has left for the summer and is subletting it so all his stuff was gone…

Except for 3 curious items.

1) Half a bottle of white wine –> I guess he’s leaving it for the sub-letter? Apparently they are good friends.

2) Two strips of condom packs! –> with a note, “Use at will.” ROTFL

3) This is the most interesting item: A piece of paper stuck above his desk that had his goals on it.

This paper was entitled, “Get into Berkeley, A.I. PhD Program” (For those that dunno, A.I. = artificial intelligence). Below this was a table with 3 rows. The top row were the co-op/school terms for the rest of his undergrad. The second row were his goals for each term, for example, “Get a 90% average” and “Get an excellent review for the co-op term” etc. The bottom row were what he had to do to achieve each goals, for example, “Memorize the course syllabus” (I kid you not*) and “Work at least 10 hours a day.”

When I saw that, it made me realize how the hardcores get to where they are in life. How many undergraduate students you know have this!? I was impressed and thought that I will copy it.

This brings me back to the condoms. Perhaps he has so many left over because he’s so hardcore with school…

And did I mention this kid is Korean? Makes so much sense doesn’t it? (The hardcore with school part, not the lack of condom usage part.)

*..but how does that help with getting a 90%? That cognitive space could’ve been spared for other things and he can just look at the syllabus!


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