Role Models for My Professional Wardrobe

This year, I have forsaken my Caribbean trip to save the money to buy a new, professional wardrobe. But, as much as I love cute dresses and floral prints, I don’t want to look like an intern or front-line officer; I want to look like a high-powered person who demands respect. According to Penelope Trunk’s mother, one should “Dress for the job above [one’s own]. No one will give you a promotion until they can imagine you in the higher position.”

Therefore, I hope to emulate the wonderful ladies listed in Fortune’s 50 Most Powerful Women in Business. Ok, so they’re not only a step above my own (potential) job, but impression management matters, and with me already not looking my age (guess!), anything that would make me seem wise (not quite there yet) and knowledgeable (I would say so) helps.

What I noticed so far: their clothing are pretty conservative, but they have a pop of color or very bold jewelery.

But the difficult thing to consider is, “Do I actually want to look 40+?”

Anne Moore, Chairman and CEO, Time Inc. Time Warner

Note: All these women are 40+ but none of them don’t look their age. I suspect: their photos are touched up, they have the money to make them look younger, or youthful-looking people make it to the top.


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