2 Ways to Get Free Desserts

1) The “complain until they compensate” way

Go to a chain restaurant that you always go to where you always order the same thing on the menu. Be picky and particular and don’t just order what’s on the menu; make sure to “spice things up” for the waiter and cook by ordering fries well-done or banana bread on the side or salad dressing on the side. The point of ordering the same thing is so you know how exactly it’s supposed to come out. Challenge the service people so there are chances that they will get your order wrong.

When the order comes out wrong (and you know because you eat here all the time and always order the same thing), nicely complain/state your concerns to the manager. If there are more than, say, 3 things wrong (because you’ve made it complicated or there are more people with you), and you order dessert at the end, you’ll probably get a FREE DESSERT.

2) The “just be positive and happy” way

Go to a small restaurant at the end of the day where you’ve never been to before and order new things on the menu. On your way in, embarrass yourself and then make fun of yourself to the waiter the entire night. Have a good laugh with your friend and actually laugh out loud. Smile and be positive. Enjoy yourself and the excellent food they serve.

Eventually, the waiter will tell you that you’ve been so positive and laughing so that other customers are feeling the positive energy, too, and you’ve rejuvenated him after a long day. Then he just offers you FREE DESSERT on the house!

Both these things happened to me on the same day. My friend did the former (nothing of mine came out wrong and I don’t usually go to this chain restaurant) while another friend of mine and I did the latter. Same results but with a more positive experience along the second way.

Emotional contagion and positivity is good, everyone!


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  1. Maryam

    Btw, there is an all you can eat dessert today at 4:30 in SLC. Not free though! ;), but just 5$! , yummmmy! 😛

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