TEDxWaterloo Part II

Part II: Our World Started Yesterday

Speaker #4: Paul Saltzman

I was in the presence of greatness who was in the presence (and among) greatness, the Beatles! What are the chances of someone waking up one day, hearing “God” speak to him (although an atheist) to go to India, lying to get there, having his heart broken, and finding the exact ashram that the Beatles were staying at and allowed in after camping out outside for 8 days? (Not because he wanted to see the Beatles, but because he needed asylum from his aching heart). His talk from the heart of his personal journey was incredible. What I took from this talk was that you have to listen to the silence and the void; that’s when the universe will tell you something and fill you in.

“Love, health, and peace inside.” What brings them to you?

“Creativity is infinite.”

“Nothing changes in my life until I do.” I love this quote.

Words from the talk, “magic” and “humility.” They are so much more inspiring and ring true when coming out of his mouth!

Speaker #5: Caroline Disler

One very intelligent lady. Although her content was very interesting and informative (again reaffirming the notion that the West hasn’t always been hotshot, but she wasn’t here to Western-bash), what I remember from this is emotional contagion in action. It seemed to me that she was so worked up by what she was talking about and she let out loud sighs a lot that I felt irritated like she did. (Afterward, a friend of mind said he overheard her say she had a migraine so that could explain it).

Apparently we can’t say “Western civilization” because it’s an oxymoron?

Video #2: Wade Davis

This might be my second favorite TED talks of all time (my favorite is by Sylvia Earle). His talk particularly resonated with me because I’m interested in cultures and I’m conducting cultural research.

“This is one model of reality…There are other ways in orienting yourself to the earth.”

“Cultures create different realities.”

“Storytelling can change the world.” It’s funny that this theme has become more visible and prominent in my life now. I’m sure it has always been there but it has never been so vivid to me until recently. Because I have to give big presentations/talks soon, I am more drawn towards this concept and want to master the techniques and use them in academic talks. Luckily, I am attending Ignite Waterloo on March 3rd and one of the speakers who is my friend’s brother mentioned that he was going to talk about storytelling 😀

The question I had after the video: where are Tibetan girls? Has anyone ever seen pictures of them?

Speaker #6: Madhur Anand

Frankly, the biggest disappointment for me. For some reason I had high expectations of her and she didn’t deliver what I envisioned. I don’t even know what I envisioned but it wasn’t there. I have a background in Ecology so I was looking forward to this particular talk. I think somewhere down the line, I got lost (in a bad way) in her chlorophyll metaphor and when her metaphors and play on words weren’t doing it for me, she kind of lost credibility as a published poet in my mind (not that I have any poetic abilities!) However, I did enjoy how she started the talk discussing her favorite colour (green) and that she was wearing all black besides her green scarf.

But she did introduce me to the poem Planet Earth by Patricia Kathleen. The poem has been selected by the UN to foster dialogue among nations.

I also learned that the city of Sudbury, Ontario is going a fantastic job with its forest restoration! A star for Sudbury!

Speaker #7: Michael Socco

I like what he’s doing but I didn’t write a lot of things down. I also like his energy. The one thing I did write down was “aesthetic: ‘right’ not because something’s useful”



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