The Milky Way

Ok, so I’ve heard of this “mystical” entity, and I’ve seen pictures of it, but I’ve never actually seen it…until Saturday night at around 1am at the beach in Tofino. I’ve been out of the city quite often but for some reason it has never been dark enough (or I don’t try hard enough?) to see the milky way. So when we stumbled onto the beach that night to just be on the beach at night and to check out stars, lo and behold the milky way was there in all its glory! It surprised me that it was running from “top to bottom” (from the sky to the horizon) instead of “left to right” (across the sky) but I guess that’s how the world was tilted when I was looking at it.

Then I realize that I don’t really know what the milky way is! Someone said that’s the galaxy we’re in…but then how come we can see it? Is that the edge or center of the galaxy? I”M LOOKING AT THE GALAXY? That was unreal. I can’t express how much I love looking at nature. Seeing things like this awes me. I would’ve stayed up all night just looking at the stars, milky way, shooting stars, satellites until the break of dawn…but it was freezing and I didn’t want to get sick (will be better prepared next time! I just need an all-nighter buddy to do that with me…any takers?)

What sometimes irks me about people is that what they appreciate is different than mine. As I’m enjoying this spectacular view, there is a party going on in some camp ground and we can hear “chug, chug, chug, chug!” With the MILKY WAY over head, all people can think about is how much alcohol they can consume? I highly doubt anyone of them actually looked up and said, “wow, the milky way…cool!” or maybe they’ll appreciate it for 2 mins…*sigh*

Next up…the northern lights!


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