I’ve been trying to come up with something no one has done before for so long, and I’ve finally hit the jackpot


No, that website does not exist yet, but I will have to buy that domain asap so I can develop it.

I was watching a documentary on CNN today about shark finning. I’ve always been passionate about sharks, and I am quite anti-shark fin soups and restaurants that serve it.

Watching the show got me remember a time when I went out with a friend to a really good Chinese restaurant for dimsum…only to discover that they have shark fins on the menu. We will never go back again.

So the idea is to start a community where people can report which restaurants serve shark fin soup, so other consumers can make informed decisions as to whether to support that restaurant or not. I can also create a map for each region showing where all these places are.

Also, to take it farther and follow in the footsteps of The Shark Safe Project, I will encourage people to contact those restaurants to voice their concerns about shark fins and to take that item off their menu.

Finally, an idea that will give back to the world!

Photo credit: Blue Planet Society


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